Tailored services

Integrative health

I work with people who are tired of feeling drained and irritable. Some struggling with low mood, low libido, irregular cycles or feeling of imbalance and post reproductive hormones? Or perhaps facing decreased ambition, lack of focus, and brain fog? 
With the introduction of Functional Medicine and Labs – the key is in unlocking bio-individual root causes then coaching to full potential and high performance.

Personalised Pilates

A Tailored fitness experience designed exclusively for you, a commitment that extends beyond exercise. From fundamental principles to advanced techniques, each session is a personalised exploration of balanced muscle development, increased mobility and refined posture. A transformative journey guided by my expertise as a certified Pilates and Pelvic Floor (Pfilates) instructor.

My commitment is to provide not only a physical transformation but also a sustainable and enriched wellness experience. Join me as we redefine personalised wellness, offering not just a service but a partnership in your wellness journey